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Churches of Christ Need a “Walk This Way” Breakthrough

November 19, 2020

There are two different conversations happening that need to come together. On one side of the wall is a conversation among established churches. They know they have issues and don't always know solutions. On the other side of the wall is the church planting/discipling conversation.

If we are going to experience renewal we need each side to listen through the wall and hear each other. Then we need to realize we are better together so that we can break down the wall and help each other.

Many people in our churches sense something is amiss but don't know how to fix it. People in the church planting/discipling movements and cultures know solutions - BUT - the two rarely talk.

Let's make this conversation happen. Let's break down the wall, peak our heads through and sing a song that takes collaboration to bring about something beautiful.

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Stan Granberg's article "A Case Study of Growth and Decline: The Churches of Christ, 2006-2016" in The Great Commission Research Journal, Vol 10, No 1 Fall 2018, 90-113

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