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Mapping the Spiritual Journey From Legalism to Freedom

January 3, 2022

If you have ever been a legalistic Christian or part of a legalistic church this video is for you. The road out of that to a healthier, more biblical faith is a very difficult one. Many people can't find their way our or they give up altogether.


If you are wrestling with this and trying to find your way to freedom, I hope this video will serve as a guide to point you to some things to consider, study in the Bible and pray about.


My hope is that in watching this you will know that you are not alone and that many have gone ahead of you on this path!


Please let me know how I can help!



00:00 - Introduction

01:05 - Israel's Journey

02:09 - Orientation-Disorientation-New Orientation

02:56 - Step 1 Legalism

06:36 - Step 2 - Descend the mountain

10:28 - Step3 - The Wilderness

16:17 - Crossing the Jordan

18:06 - Freedom

Resources mentioned:

Walter Brueggemann "Message of the Psalms"


Wolfgang Simson "The House Church Book"


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