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The Bible Does Not Authorize the Weekly Collection For Today’s Church

August 19, 2022

We always want to do what God wants and that means we turn to the Bible to tell us what He said. When we go there we find all kinds of instructions, stories, encouragements, and so much more! Often people turn the Bible into a rule book with no appreciation for context, authorial intent, etc.

The weekly offering exposes a fatal flaw in legalism - that people found a command to give on a weekly basis with no appreciation for what those verses actually say - that they were for a particular situation that upon completion the weekly collection was supposed to stop (even commanded to stop). And yet people use 1 Cor 16:1-2a as the basis for God commanding the weekly offering when in the same sentence we are also told not to do it after the need in Jerusalem in 47 AD was met!

If you are strictly going by the commands of the Bible, the weekly offering is wrong and yet people who said they only do what the Bible commands still do it. They, in practice, demonstrate what they condemn in others - that we can do things not commanded in the Bible and do so all the time. This is called tradition.

My hope for this video is that it stands as an example of where people read they Bible claiming one thing while doing quite another while they condemn others for doing the same. At the end of the day the weekly offering is right because there are ministry needs to be met and this is the traditional way, established by local church leaders, to meet those needs. So don't stop giving! In fact, this exposes a deeper issue that I deal with near the end of the video!

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